hello kitty color pages

Outside the world is covered in a blanket of thick, fluffy white snow. A terrible snowstorm hit Wonderland last night, and now the entire town looks like a picture in a fairy tale. Hello Kitty peeks over her comfy blanket to see if her sister is awake yet, but it looks as if she is still sound asleep.
“Rise and shine sleepy head!”

Her big sister jumps at the sound of her voice.

“Why did you wake me up, Kitty?”
Hello, Kitty takes her sister by the hand and walks towards their bedroom window.

“Look silly, the whole world is covered with beautiful snow. We can finally take our newly built sleigh out for a test drive.”

At once both kittens put on their boots, mittens, scarfs and jackets and head outside for a frosty fun-filled day.
Why don’t you come along and have some well-deserved snow day fun with Hello Kitty and friends?

hello kitty color pages

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