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thomas the train printable coloring pages

“No Percy! We agreed that I would be the one to tell him,” Toby the Tram engine says in a very stern voice.
“You agreed, I merely nodded to get you to keep quiet.” Percy knows that by saying this he is pushing Toby’s buttons, but it worth a shot. He wants to be the one to share the exciting news with Thomas. As the two engines carry on arguing, they hardly even notice Thomas coming to a stop right next to them.
“I want to tell him”, shouts Toby.
“Tell me what”, asks Thomas curiously.

The two friends jolt at the sound of their best friend Thomas’s voice.
Without hesitating they both shout out at the same time: “There’s going to be a race!”

The Island of Sodor is having its very first cross-island race and all the locomotives are invited to participate.
Who do you think will win the race? Let’s use our imaginations and join in the fun by colouring along with Thomas the Tank engine.

thomas the train printable coloring pages

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 Coloring Pages
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