Top 10 Anime site like KissAnime as an alternative

While KissAnime is one of the mot popular sites for fans of anime to use it is not the only one there is.

Here is the list of 10 alternatives to KissAnime:

1. AnimeFreak

This is among the most popular of the anime websites around. The site is widely streamed, and you are able to download and watch entire series of anime on Animefreak. You have full access to the site and all of the shows whether or not you become a member. Furthermore the site provides a review for every single episode of every anime series that it has available for you to enjoy.

Generally the quality and the speed of this site is good for the downloading and the viewing of anime.

2. AnimeLab

Designed and developed in Australia this anime website and app can be used on cellphones, consoles, TV set boxes, tablets and also computers. You can opt to view the latest anime from Japan and over all the quality of this site is really good. The free content available from AnimeLab is of a high standard, though some content can only be viewed if you are prepared for a premium membership.

Mind you the free version will keep most people happy enough to carry on using it.

3. Chia-Anime

Just like KissAnime, Chia-Anime has a vast range of anime films, series and videos available to view. The site appreciates that most viewers will not be fluent in Japanese so the anime is dubbed and subtitled into different languages including English.

It is worth checking out this site for the vast catalogue of anime on offer by itself. All views are for free, as there are plenty of adverts to pay for everything.

Try not to be put of by all the adverts as the program selection will leave you amazed.

4. Anime Planet

The thing with Anime Planet is that it is an online community for fans of anime and not just a site for watching anime. If you have a really strong interest in anime it is best to become a member of the community and make friends. Here you can view series recommended by others and discuss all aspects of anime.

The site began in 2001 and is still going on strong, definitely worth joining.

5. Crunchyroll

You have to become a member to use this site, yet it is worth joining. Sign up with an email and gain access via computer, phone, TV set box or console to watch anime available in several languages including English, French, German, Italian and Russian. The picture, streaming and video quality is high, and the most popular anime series and films are available.

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