Top 5 Forex Brokers in Usa

Forex trading is a new way to trade in the United States. When trading on this platform it is important to work with a trusted broker and have some knowledge of the international market. There are specific tools and platforms that a person should look for. Research needs to be conducted before any company is selected to be a trade broker. A person also needs to understand their investment and which broker will best fit their needs.

There are the top 5 Forex Traders that a person can trust to handle their Forex account and help them learn about forex. A person needs to understand how CFDs operate so they can take a calculated risk before investing money and will not invest more than they have to lose.

1. IG Forex Broker

According to the experts, this is the best overall account and is the most trusted broker. This company is a global leader and has been for a number of years. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange. There are over 15,000 products in many different classes including commodities, bonds and other areas that are traded on an international level. This company has 195,000 active clients with 14 offices all over the globe and 1,500 staff members to serve their customers.

2. Saxo Bank

This is said to have one of the best web platforms and is said to be easy to use. The pricing on the services is competitive and a client will not be overcharged for their trades. This site contains a great deal of research on the different options and the research is top quality. There is excellent customer service that will be able to help with clients with any questions they may have. There are over 30,000 different CFDs that can be found on this site. This is another company that is trusted all over the globe.

3. Ameritrade

4. CMC Markets

This is a great active trading program that is low cost. This company has offices that are in major global financial centers. They have a number of different trading offerings and the prices are very user-friendly. This is considered to be the next generation in trading platforms and is simple to use. There are a number of new and innovative trading tools that can be found on this site. There is also charting so that a person can watch the different platforms and make an informed trading decision.


This is another great trading platform and there are a number of options for a trader to use. This is an all-around easy platform and the costs are low. There are options to trade Forex and to trade CFD are well. The trading can be used on a global level. There is a full platform for trading and there are a number of trading tools that can be used on this site. The site takes the time to do research on a number of different options and platforms. This site works with all different types of traders and all experience levels. This is a site that can be used by beginners as well as those that want to use more advanced trading features.

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