toy story coloring pages printable

It’s another gloomy day inside Andy’s bedroom. Outside it’s been raining heavily for a week now, so the toys could not go outside. To make matters worse, Andy has been away visiting his grandparents.

Buzz tried to cheer Woody up, but poor Woody simply missed Andy too much to think happy thoughts.
Finally, it’s Bo Beep that decides that enough is enough.

“Ok boys, that’s it. We are toys, and we are fun. We won’t sit around and mope for one more second. We are going to have a good old-fashioned barn dance, and you my dear Woody, will be the first one to take me for a spin.”
At once Woody’s heart skips a beat. He is finally going to dance with the lovely Bo Beep.
Immediately all the toys start to organize everything for Bo Beep’s dance. They set up the lights and music, and even have enough time to get some snacks from the kitchen.

And then, after all that rush, Buzz hits the play button on the stereo and Bo Beep’s favourite song begins to play. The toys spend the rest of their night dancing and having a great time.

Rainy days won’t ever be boring when you let your little ones colour along with Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang.

toy story coloring pages printable

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