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Apr 16, 2019
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4 ways to make learning fun

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Creating a pleasant and comfortable learning atmosphere at home will make kids like to stay at home. This condition will make them like to study at home too. Sometimes, relying on learning outcomes at school are not enough because not all kids understand the material taught by the teacher. Kids usually get bored when the lessons are monotone and It will not give the best result in the end. Therefore, parents must do something to create a pleasant learning atmosphere at home. Parents must supervise kids while studying at home and here is a fun way to learn for kids to be able to help.

Learn fun

1. Clean the study room

Clean and neat study rooms, this place plays an important role to make comfort when kids study something so that the lessons can get easily absorbed. If the room is dirty and unclean, kids will not focus in absorbing each lesson. Provide more optimal lighting in the kids’ learning place to add focus and concentration while studying at home.

This way, they will feel comfortable while study at home. In addition, blurry lighting will disrupt the power of concentration, it causes bad effects on the eyes and also cause drowsiness. With a clean and fragrant room, they will choose to study at home rather than in other place. You can also watch your kids while studying and help them when they have a trouble answering questions in their lesson.

2. Creating a relaxed learning atmosphere

By creating a comfortable and relaxed learning atmosphere, it makes kids more relaxed, more fun, and more comfortable. Learning does not need to follow the old-fashioned method, you can apply the modern method by mixing the lesson with games.

For example, playing quizzes or guessing game, or other interesting games. Occasionally, invite kids to study outdoors to make new atmosphere, such as in the yard of a house, garden, or open area so they does not get bored with the same atmosphere. If necessary, create a creative atmosphere as possible in order to make a comfortable learning atmosphere with kids.

3. Focus

Kids must be away from all objects that invite interaction at the time of learning such as gadgets, television, video games or other similar types. Instead of focusing on learning, kids will shift their attention from learning to not unnecessary things like that, applying the rules to be more conducive.

Learning at home does not need to be done too seriously but the kids must stay focused so that learning is more optimal when studying. Focus or concentration between kids and adults are different case, kids are easily to be distracted. You can give play time to kids so that they are not too stressed while learning. This way, they get learning fun and stay focused.

4. Prepare snacks

Healthy snacks can help increase kids’s learning concentration, learning while snacking is one way to make kids make learning fun. Learning while snacking is actually useful for keeping kids focused on what they learn and increasing enthusiasm. Kids must be in a state of freshness and awake so that they can remember and understand everything that is learned well.

There are many people who claim that snacking can increase concentration while studying because the brain will continue to be encouraged to focus on the material. If this monotonous activity has no pause, it can decreases concentration as a result of making the kids drowsy or even making it more saturated.

So, there are a number of ways to make learning fun so as to increase the spirit of learning better to increase concentration and focus. Don’t forget not to pressure your kids while studying because it makes them depressed. Although kids do not understand, never yell at them because it will make kids very sad. Hopefully the article above helps you.

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