5 Charming Kids Room Ideas that Don’t Cost a Fortune!

Kids room ideas help you decorate your kid’s rooms in the best way possible. Unfortunately, a lot of such ideas floated around are either not feasible or they end up costing an absolute fortune. That is where we want to break this entire saga of expensive or simply infeasible kid’s room ideas in favor of others that are simple and convenient!

Let the Colors Flow!

All too often, a splash of colors makes all the difference between tasteful and tasteless. Kids love colors – and so do their friends! It brings in a sense of liveliness and spirit which is simply unparalleled.

In this regard, it is important that you pay heed to your kid’s favorite color(s). Use those colors only; your kid will appreciate a whole lot more. Also, you do not need to go overboard; all too often, a dash here, a splash there, makes all the difference!

Weaving in Pet Elements

A large number of us have pets at home – and those pets all too often have a close bond with the kids at home. Accordingly, it makes a lot of sense that when you are thinking about charming kids room ideas; you weave in pet elements into their rooms.

This can take many hues; a wall hanging here, a drape there, perhaps a cute puppy pillow, a pet themed blanket, or just about any other pet décor which will remind your kid of the pet(s) at home.

Sports Theme

As kids start to grow up, it is more than likely that they will take up some sport or the other, especially in our society where sports is such an integral part of life during our formative years.

Depending on which sport your kid particularly takes to, you can easily have your kids room done up in that sport. So, it could be a soccer theme, a baseball theme, an athletics theme, and so on…the possibilities are simply endless!

Moreover, it need not always be a sport your kid plays in particular; instead, for instance, your kid may just be a huge NBA fan, without necessarily being a basketball player – do keep this thought in mind, while doing your kids room decor.


While we especially, always recommend wallpapers for room decor across adults and kids alike, we particularly recommend them for children, due to the flexibility and variety that they offer.

After all, kids have a tendency to get bored with the status quo, all too frequently. This includes the decor in their rooms as well. So if you go with the same decorative theme in their room for too long, they will be clamoring for variety very soon.

Changing everything too often can be both costly and tedious; wallpapers prove to be an inexpensive and convenient solution in such circumstances.

Bunk Beds

Once you have more than one kid, bunk beds certainly make a lot of sense. We especially see a sense of camaraderie among them, with each of them determining which one will occupy the respective bunks.


Above we have shared 5 charming kids room ideas that clearly do not require you to break bank, while still giving you the leeway to do up your kids rooms as attractively as possible!