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Nov 26, 2019
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5 Exciting Halloween Crafts for Kids They Will Always Love

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Come Halloween time and crafts are invariably on the anvil; whether it is in the form of school assignments or things to do at home, there are always a number of different crafts that can be undertaken with ease.

With that thought in mind, we explore some really fine Halloween crafts for kids which can be done with immense ease. Neither do they cost a lot nor are they tedious to do.

Colorful Candy Bags

Trick or treat is of course an integral part of Halloween. With so much candy being passed around, you need suitable bags in which to place the candy. That is where you can get creative, with colorful candy bags.

It is really not a lot of effort. Take any simple, suitable bag of your choice. After that, you can always add a dash of personality to it, say by painting it in an assortment of colors; you can even simply choose the Halloween color of choice – orange, and perhaps draw a pumpkin or any other item you like!

Come Halloween, such creative candy bags are sure to be a hit!

Cool and Catchy Headbands

Another intuitive Halloween crafts for kid’s idea is to prepare really cool and catchy headbands. As with other ideas that we share, this is really not tough to prepare.

For instance, you could take colored paper, draw Halloween items of your choice – be it pumpkins, ghosts, superheroes, witches, candies, whatever else you deem appropriate. Cut the colored paper to suitably form a hat. Once done, you can add glitter for a special touch!

Creative Candy Wrappers

In the first point above, we shared how you could creatively do up bags in which you will distribute candy. Well, what about the candies themselves? Yes, most will be in their own company packaging.

Yet, you can add a dash of personality to those candies by wrapping them in creative wrappers. For instance, you could design paper wrappers with a variety of different, unique Halloween themes or objects. Personalizing them with kid’s names, party invitees, etc. will further add to the attraction quotient of the candies.

Halloween Design Cakes

Cakes offer tremendous leeway for expressing creativity. Whether it is the color or the icing, you can have things Halloween themed on these cakes with immense ease.

For instance, you could easily bake cakes in pumpkin-orange color. You could then go one step further by garnishing the cakes as Halloween pumpkins. Baking them in the shape of a pumpkin will only increase the realistic touch!

On a smaller scale, you could try doing so with cupcakes, perhaps personalizing each cupcake as deemed suitable.

Halloween Costumes

Buying new costumes each Halloween can be a costly affair. In comparison, you can consider designing your own Halloween costumes for kids which will cost a fraction of readymade ones in the market.

You really do not need to go overboard; some simplistic costumes made out of paper often have a unique charm of their own!


With a splash of ingenuity and craftsmanship, Halloween crafts for kids can be fun-loving and memorable, without compelling you to spend a great deal. You may find some useful articles that you would like to check Halloween Costumes for Kids

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