7 Halloween Songs for Kids to get the Halloween Party Rolling

halloween spongebob coloring pagesHalloween is one occasion of the year that kids in particular always eagerly look forward to. After all, there are tricks or treats galore in store for them, lots of candies, Halloween parties, fancy costumes, and much more.

But one part of the entire set of festivities which adults often end up overlooking is Halloween music; the Halloween songs for kids which they choose have to be appropriate for the occasion. Well at least the songs should not spoof kids off, even if the overall spooky Halloween theme has to be retained.

With that thought in mind, we have compiled some of the best Halloween songs for kids which will ensure that the Halloween party you have planned for your children truly turns out to be groovy!

Trick or Treat by Justin Roberts

This is a song from Justin Roberts which does full justice to the theme of every Halloween kid’s party; after all, trick or treat is the very essence of such occasions! Kids enjoy grooving to this song so much, collecting treats along the way.

Monster Boogie by The Laurie Berkner Band

Again, this is a song which is always enjoyed by kids so much, especially as they put on their fancy costumes and then groove away! In fact, we have had so many Halloween parties where adults have also ended up enjoying this song so much in their parties!

The Munster’s Theme song by Jack Marshall

Most generations are easily well aware of this popular track and have grooved over it many times over. In spite of all the time that has passed, this theme song has easily stood the test of time and definitely makes for an excellent choice for Halloween parties for kids.

Halloween by The Misfits

Well, you simply could not have a song named more appropriately for the occasion, could you?! Besides the name, it is the tune which proves to be extremely catchy and therefore, completely apt as far as a suitable Halloween song for kids is concerned.

Zombie by The Cranberries

Well, with a lot of little zombies doing the rounds at Halloween kid parties, it is only appropriate that this super hit song by The Cranberries is played at the occasion. What stands out in this case is the fact that most folks easily recall this song and therefore, enjoy it at parties all the more.

Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

Again, this is a song which is practically tailor made for Halloween, given its obvious theme about busting ghosts! Yet again, it is the catchy tune which appeals to young and old alike. As far as Halloween songs for kids go, this is definitely a must have!

It’s Halloween by Lucy Kalantari

Our final choice for this listing of Halloween songs for kids truly sums up the occasion perfectly; Lucy’s voice is enchanting and always leaves kids completely enthralled! Who can resist grooving away to this magical song?


So, this is our list of 7 of the finest Halloween songs for kids which we think are perfect for Halloween parties with children. Think you could add to the list?