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Nov 21, 2019
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8 Halloween Movies for Kids that Everyone Will Enjoy

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Halloween is a time for fun and games with movies forming an integral part of the entire mix. In such circumstances, the eagerness to figure out appropriate Halloween movies for kids is quite high.

That is the reason, in this article; we sum up some really fine kids Halloween movies that everyone will enjoy. After all, it is essential that the movie selection is just right as per the age and preference of the kid in question. Alongside, as much as possible, adults should also enjoy such movies without feeling out of place.

The Dog Who Saved Halloween

Zeus, the talking dog in this movie, easily wins hearts of both kids and adults alike. That is the reason we strongly recommend this flick as a suitable choice as far as Halloween kids movies go.

Super Monsters Save Halloween

This is a truly adorable depiction of little monsters offering explanations on how spooky decorations and haunted houses are done up. Besides being an enjoyable Halloween movie for kids, this also turns out to be a learning experience for adults.

The fact that this movie is on Netflix makes it even easier to watch anytime!

Room on the Broom

While this may be a story about a witch, fact is she is not your typical scary witch. Instead, she is funny and kind, thus standing out and rendering the movie one which can easily be enjoyed by one and all.

Hotel Transylvania

Well, discovering Dracula’s abode in Transylvania should be an outright scary experience but this movie makes it also really enjoyable to watch. No wonder this movie fared really well at the box office!

As a fan of this series, you will surely enjoy subsequent sequels too!


Another witch flick after Room on the Broom? Well, this one is different since here it is the kids who discover that their own grandmother happens to be a witch, living in her own unique fantasy world called HalloweenTown!

Going through all that the kids experience in this fascinating world sure makes for a truly enthralling view!


Yes, cute ghosts do exist! Casper is one such adorable ghost who helps a man and his daughter find the long lost ghost of the man’s wife. In the process though, he ends up falling in love with the daughter!

This entire saga sure makes for an outstanding Halloween flick!

The Haunted Mansion

With Eddie Murphy in the film, you know this is going to be a fun flick to watch! Inspired by Disneyland’s own extremely popular attraction, the movie closely follows Eddie’s own journey as a real estate agent making his way through a terrifying mansion!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

We’ve all grown up reading the snippet stories of Linus from Peanuts. Now, watch Linus in a flick as he carries out a nightlong vigil for a chance to view the Great Pumpkin!


Kids Halloween movies are only increasing in number, with so much choice on offer. We hope that next time you are on the lookout for Halloween movies for kids, our list will help you with your search. Do check Halloween Songs for Kids and Halloween Costumes for Kids

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