American Girl Halloween Costumes For Kids

Mayla loved staying with her family in the Arizona desert. Sure, at times the excruciating heat would cause everyone to become really tired, but they knew what to do to prevent exhaustion. Keeping hydrated was the key, and Mayla knew exactly where all the hidden waterholes were.

Every day when the sun would rise in the sky, Mayla would awake with a sense of absolute gratitude. For she knew that the sun god has granted them a brand new day filled with exciting new adventures.

But before she could go outside and have an adventure, she must first help her mom prepare breakfast. A lovely meal consisting of corn on the cob and bean soup. After the family have eaten she will help her mommy clean up the tepee and then her day can finally really start.

So just exactly what adventure will she have today? Why don’t you dress your little girl up as a Native American Indian and find out?

American Girl Halloween Costumes For Kids

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