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Dec 17, 2017
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barbie coloring pages free

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Barbie enjoys spending most of her days outside in her secret garden, reading her beloved books. Tales of adventure and mystery, each book takes her away to distant lands where she can see things that she couldn’t even dream possible.

Oh, if only the tales in her books were real. What she wouldn’t give to have an adventure of her own.
“Barbie, can you hear me?”

Who said that? Was it just her imagination?

“Barbie, over here. Look down.”

It’s her cat, Isabella. But that can’t be, cats can’t talk, can they?

“Of course I can talk Barbie. But there is no time to explain. You have to follow me quickly. They are all waiting for us.”

Shocked beyond belief Barbie puts her book down on the wooden bench and begins to follow her cat, Isabella. Where are they going? And what adventure awaits her?

Colour along with Barbie and Isabella to see where their adventure will take them.

barbie coloring pages free

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