batman coloring sheet

“Master Wayne, I do think you need to rest and regain your strength.”
Alfred Pennyworth looks at Bruce Wayne with concern in his eyes. He has watched him work tirelessly for the past 48 hours, but now he can see the exhaustion on his master’s face.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead Pennyworth.”
Bruce Wayne aka Batman seems even more determined to get everything ready in time. His arch-enemy The Joker send him a note stating that he and other evil villains will be launching an attack to take full control of the city.

The people of Gotham City are counting on Batman to protect them from the evil that Joker will unleash.
So he has been pleading with other superheroes to join him in the fight, and he has been preparing his arsenal of weapons to ensure that he is ready for Joker an the evil that he will be unleashing.

Colour along with Batman to see who will prevail at the end of the day.

batman coloring sheet

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