Best way to make kids memorize faster

Basically, the age of children is a golden age where they can memorize faster about all the information around them. In times like this, they are not very good at filtering information and differentiating between good and bad. So from that, the task of parents is to direct in the direction that is fine. Of course this must be done painstakingly without violence because what the child needs is only firmness and of course attention.

Because of its good absorption in many ways, parents should not skip this phase. Not only filtering out good information, but also training their memory to always be sharp. In addition to a number of benefits in the form of milk and vitamins, you also need to know the best way to improve your child’s memory. If you still don’t know it, here ‘s the review to make kids memorize faster:

Best way to make kids memorize faster

1. Using puzzle games

The first way to make kids memorize faster is by using puzzle games. This puzzle game is very popular with kids because it usually has interesting and funny pictures. Choose a puzzle that is not too complicated at the beginning. After that you challenge your child to play ‘who is the first to succeed is the winner. ‘ Children must be immediately excited in rearranging the puzzle that has been removed from the frame.

2. Using good communication

The second way to make kids memorize faster is using good communication. You can do this when the child is sleeping while accompanying him. You can ask simple things like what he has done today. You can also ask about who is playing today or what games have been played. The child must be very excited in telling the story, besides that he will be provoked to remember his activities again.

3. Using flash card

The third way to make kids memorize faster is using flash card. Not only used to teach children to read, flash cards are also useful for improving children’s memory. You can use it by selecting flash cards with themes, such as fruit themes. After that, you introduce flash cards with the fruit theme to children one by one. Repeat the introduction twice and then play guesswork with it. You can take one flash card randomly and ask what the name of the fruit is on the flash card. Do it again this way several times until the child memorizes it partially.

That was the discussion about the best way to make kids memorize faster with a fun way. You can apply some of the techniques above to your child regularly. This is needed so that children get used to remembering things that have happened. If the child is used to thinking fast, his memory will automatically increase. Hopefully the article above can inspire you.