caillou coloring page

Caillou is a curious little boy who finds that growing up isn’t always as easy as it seems. Luckily mommy and daddy are always there right by his side to encourage and assist their little boy.

Everyday Caillou gets the chance to learn and experience something new, and most of the time he does this by playing and having fun. And at night when he is lying snug in his big boy bed, with his mommy by his side, Caillou can’t wait to rush off to dreamland and tell all of his imaginary friends about his great big adventures. Today was a particularly special day because Caillou had the pleasure of helping grandpa plant new veggies in his garden. He learned all about the different types of vegetables that grow under the ground. Unfortunately, he had a great big fright when a wriggly worm suddenly crawled over his feet. But grandpa calmed him down and then he showed him how cool wriggly worms actually are.

When your little one colours along with Caillou they will find that every new picture is a learning curve and a great big adventure waiting just for them.

caillou coloring page

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