disney princess coloring pages snow white

It’s a perfect spring morning. As Queen Snow White opens her eyes and yawns, she notices a small note on her bedside table, alongside a beautiful freshly picked red rose. It is from her darling husband, the King of Enchantia.

“Off to see the Knights. Will be home soon my love. Ps: Don’t forget that our seven friends are coming over for dinner tonight.”

She’s been married for a year now, yet Snow White still finds it hard to believe that she can be this happy. At times the nightmares from the previous year creep up on her, but then her husband and seven friends lovingly reassure her that all of that is over for good. She gets up out of bed and decides that she is going to prepare the most delicious meal to thank all of her loved ones for their continuous support. Wait a minute, why not host a grand ball in their honour?

Colour along with Snow White and her friends to see how her adventure continues.

disney princess coloring pages snow white

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