dragon ball z colouring

Goku has recently learned that he was in actual fact not born here on earth, but that he comes from an extra-terrestrial race. Why would his parents keep this important information a secret? Why did they wait this long to tell him? Goku was waging an inner war between where he came from and where he belongs.

Finally, he made up his mind. He was going to stay here on the earth. This is where he is most needed. Who is going to protect all his family and friends if he decided to go back to Saiyan?

Now that he thinks about it, perhaps that is exactly what his enemies want from him. To leave planet earth at their mercy. But Goku was convinced to never let this happen. Earth was his home, and he would protect his home with his own life.

Colour along with Goku and help him as he continues his battles to keep our planet earth safe.

dragon ball z colouring

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