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Elmo is so excited that this day has finally arrived. He could hardly fall asleep last night; he was simply too excited! You see today Elmo’s idol is checking into the Furchester Hotel. A fluffy, tall, green monster who loves to sing rock and roll music.
Elmo would always watch his idol on TV and sing along enthusiastically to all the hits. And now, finally, he is going to meet Monster McGreen or M&M for the first time!
The big brass doors of the hotel swing open, and there he is M&M!
At that very moment, Elmo falls to the floor. The excitement and lack of sleep have proven to be too much.

As Elmo slowly opens his eyes he is greeted by the caring eyes and great big grin of M&M.
“Hey little man, you scared us. No need to fall over dude.”
“Elmo loves M&M.”
“Cool dude, M&M loves Elmo.”

What a dream come true this day turned out to be!

Join Elmo and all the friends at the Furchester Hotel for a monster good time.

elmo coloring pages

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