Experimenting Real Learning

Real learning is the acquired skill to gain knowledge by learning himself and utilise the gained knowledge in various situations. Learning is based on interest of a person and does not have any age limitations. A person can acquire knowledge through out his life time showing keen interest in learning.

School learning

In the childhood learning is little different rather than in adulthood. We learn from the schools and remember them for a short period of time just to face the examinations or tests involved in the education period and later on forget them. This process is ongoing when we are promoted from one class to the another. However certain subjects like Maths , Sciences fundamentals should be remembered as to carry out further difficult tasks in the future.

Experiencing Real learning

In Real learning our mind concentrates or focusses on a certain topic or subject with increasing interest to learn more about the topic until you gain enough knowledge and are confident about the subject. Real learners have a good memory capacity. Real learning is also experienced by experimenting the learnt things, for example like doing a job or earning a livelihood . Some of condition required for Real learning include alertness, happiness, health, motivation and mindfullness.

Experimenting Real Learning