Fish Coloring Pages

These fun fish coloring pages will leave your little ones dreaming of the great big world in the ocean. Not only are they designed to stimulate your young one’s imagination, but they can also encourage your child to learn more about the world around them.

So to help you help your little ones learn, we have compiled a list of some fun fishy facts.

1: Goldfish have teeth! Though they may look toothless, goldfish actually do have teeth – but they’re located in their throats. They’re called pharyngeal teeth, and the goldfish use them to help to crush up their food.

2: Some fish can talk to one another.  They contract their swim bladder to create vibrations that make a range of sounds. Some fish are chattier than others, though. Gurnards communicate quite a lot, while cod is mostly quiet unless they’re spawning. And even though goldfish can hear, they aren’t able to speak.

3: Whales have belly buttons! Seeing as whales are mammals that give birth to live young, they have belly buttons. The belly button is created after the umbilical cord, which connects mother and baby, is lost. Dolphins and porpoises have belly buttons too.