Fun Activities for Kids

With the school holidays just around the corner, we realise that all the moms out there are starting to wonder just how exactly they will keep their little ones entertained. So we have compiled a list of some fun activities that will not only keep your little ones happy and active but will guarantee you and your family get the most out of your well-deserved break.

1: Let’s bring the Beach to the Garden.

So what if you don’t stay near a beach or cannot take the kids to a beach this summer holidays? Well, you can always bring some beach fun back to your very own garden!

To start, set up some water areas in your garden by filling up plastic baby pools with water and beach gear.

Dress all the kids in swimming gear and also set up a ball play area in another plastic pool.

Now scatter some shells around the garden and ask your kids to go out on a shell finding trail, bringing them back in little buckets. And voila, you have a fun-filled beach day right in your very own garden.

2: The Egg Music Maker.

Here’s what you will need. Some plastic eggs. Popcorn Kernels. Two plastic spoons for each player. A hot glue gun and a glue stick.

Now ask your child to open a plastic egg and fill half of it with some Popcorn Kernel and then close it tight.

Mommy or daddy then uses the hot glue to stick the spoons on either side of the egg. Allow your child to press it firmly so that it also closes the egg properly. And now it’s time to make some music! See how your children will enjoy rattling away to their own beat.

3: Take the family out on a Treasure Hunt.

Start by marking out an area where the treasure hunt will be taking place.

Create a fun pirate -looking list for your children about the various treasures that they have to find. Now mommy and daddy go and hide the items and then give out age-appropriate clues to help their little ones discover the treasure!