Goldilocks Halloween Costumes For Kids

A curious little girl is heading into the woods for a great big adventure. What do you think she will find? Wait a minute, what is that delicious smell in the air? It’s coming from that quaint little cottage over there.

As Goldilocks opens the door she is delighted to find three yummy looking bowls of porridge on the kitchen table. Oh if she only listened to her mommy this morning and ate her breakfast! With her tummy rumbling from hunger, she decides to take a bite from the big bowl of porridge.

“Oh no!” she cries. “This porridge is way too hot”. What will the second bowl of porridge taste like? You guessed it, it is way too cold. And as you know by now, the third little bowl of porridge was neither too hot nor too cold, it was just right! So Goldilocks went ahead and gobbled it all up.

What will happen next? Will Goldilocks continue to explore the little cottage, or will the three bears come back before she can go home?
When you dress your little girl in this adorable Goldilocks outfit her imagination is sure to run wild.

Goldilocks Halloween Costumes For Kids

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