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Nov 20, 2019
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Halloween Costumes for Kids – Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions

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Kids Halloween costumes invariably preoccupy parents’ time and imagination, well before Halloween presents itself. After all, this is a day which kids eagerly look forward to, with planning for their next Halloween attire starting right from November 01, the day after Halloween.

With that background in mind, it would only be appropriate that we share some of our own thoughts and ideas as far as Halloween costumes for kids are concerned.

Parental Supervision & Control

We strongly recommend that at least some degree of parental control and supervision is always maintained as far as Halloween costumes for kids are concerned. Today, we find marketers going all out to market all kinds of “risqué” attire to kids far too young for such clothes.

While appropriateness or the lack of it is something best left for parents to judge, we do recommend that they always maintain a keen eye. Aspects that parents should specially look for include whether the Halloween costume is too sexualized, especially for girls, as well as if it is just too scary or outright bizarre, particularly from children’s point of view.


Yes, costs are definitely a factor as far as Halloween costumes for kids are concerned. After all, these costumes are worn just once in a year; spending a fortune each year on costumes most likely to be worn on that single occasion, only to be tucked away rest of the time may not be a great idea.

We especially mention this because a lot of kids demand multiple costumes for the same occasion, only adding to costs.

With these two thoughts and ideas as outlined above, let us get straight to some fancy Halloween costumes for kids which are invariably appreciated by one and all.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume for Girls

One of the most popular Halloween costumes for kids, this definitely strikes a chord with most little girls out there. After all, they feel all grown up in this costume, even if just for one day! As we mentioned above, be wary of costumes which may be too risqué for your child since there are “adult-like” variants of this costume commonly available in the market.

Animal Halloween Costumes for Boys

There are many different animal costumes for boys which especially suit them well. These could be lion costumes, alligator costumes, dinosaur costumes, panther costumes, gecko costumes, and so on. In most instances, these kids Halloween costumes are completely “safe” so there is really no cause for concern, as a parent.

Baby/Kid Pumpkin Halloween Costume for Kids

This is a Halloween costume for children especially adored by one and all! After all, there are so many different iterations of this particular Halloween costume, be it in terms of the design, the style, the gender (specific ones meant for boys or girls), and so on.

Ultimately, whichever pumpkin costume you choose for your kid, it would almost certainly be in the “safe zone” like the animal Halloween costume above, so you can breathe easy!


The choice of Halloween costumes for kids certainly makes a big difference, especially when there is so much variety out there, not to mention on going trends in the market!

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