How to teach honesty to kids

Honesty is something valuable because not everyone has it. Sometimes, lies are considered good by some people because they have good goals. However, in fact a lie is still a lie that will certainly hurt yourself and others. Because of the importance of honesty, you must teach honesty to your kids. Because the formation of a person’s character starts from where he is raised and raised, both by parents and the environment.

Before your kids know about their environment, it is better to cultivate some good qualities that will shape their character until they are big. One important characteristic that must be present in every child is honesty. If you still don’t know the right way to honesty to your kids, see the review below:

How to teach honesty to kids

1. Give gifts as a form of appreciation for honesty

The first way to teach honesty to kids is to give them a gift every time they tell the truth. You can still punish them, but after the sentence is over, you can give a present to them. Tell the children that they are very brave enough to be honest children. That way, the child will feel guilty and triggered to be more honest.

Although trying to teach honesty to them, you still have to control every gift you give to children. Do not give excessive gifts because children will think of just doing honesty for gifts. It is dangerous because it is possible that when a child does not want any gift, he can freely lie.

2. Tell the story of someone’s life

The second way to teach honesty to kids is to use the life story of someone who is great to motivate them. Because as you know, children absorb the information they see and hear very quickly. By using stories of great or famous people, you can simultaneously cultivate honesty in themselves. You can also replace it with a character that your kids likes. It will make them more motivated to do the same.

Also tell characters or characters who like to lie when teaching honesty to your child. Then remind him not to do bad things like that. That way, the child will record the advice not to be an evil character as told by their parents.

3. Don’t call a child a liar

The third way to teach honesty to kids is by not labeling children as liars when your child is found lying. It will make them increase the bad thing because of annoyance. Kids will be triggered to hate you if you keep calling them a liar. For that, avoid it even though you feel very upset because you have been lied to. Instead of being angry, you can ask heart to heart about the reasons why they are lying.

Thus the discussion about how to teach honesty to kids that you should know. You must be patient in applying ttheir honesty to children. You can also model it first by being honest with your kids. That way, kids will follows you to do the same. May this article be useful!