How to teach kids with a fun way

As we know, the stages of children are the most important stage but also the most difficult to be directed. Because at this time, the children can decide for themselves what they want. So, parents must really direct and introduce them to various things. Because the stages of children are the golden stage where they can absorb various information quickly.

In the stage of introducing important things, such as general knowledge to teaching manners, it certainly takes a few tricks. It prevents boredom in children which will definitely ignore your explanation. But you can not force them to listen because they might rebel. It is because basically kids like to being fun, so let’s review how to teach things to children in a fun way:

How to teach kids with a fun way

1. Through games

One of the things that kids like most is playing because basically children are still in the period of growth and development. Sometimes parents have difficulty for teaching children such as knowing the alphabet. It is important to introduce letters to children before they learn to read. You must introduce the alphabet as early as possible so that the child will not be surprised if it is already in the school stage. This habituation is sometimes difficult because children are more interesting in playing.

Well, rather than you have to wait for your child to finish playing, it’s better to introduce the alphabet through games. There are lots of interactive games for kids about the alphabet. One of them by playing using a flash card with animal images in the alphabetical order. By remembering the alphabet, children can get to know about animals. On that way, children will not be bored in knowing the alphabet. It can be used also when you want to introduce letters, colors, fruits, and etc.

2. Through labeling

The second way to teach children in knowing new things is by labeling. Labeling here is an effective way for children to quickly memorize the new vocabularies. You can combine flash cards with this labeling technique. For example, when you teach a child about the names of limbs after learning the alphabet. It can make the children confused and finally forget about both lessons.

To prevent that, you can cut out the labels that are already available, then prepare the flash card. Also prepare the glue to attach to the label or you can replace it with tape. Give them some questions like ‘which one is the head?’ Or ‘which one is the foot? Do this method repeatedly until the child really remembers. Next, you can change topics such as fruits and do the same thing to the children.

3. Through touching things

The third way to teach kids for something is by touching directly to the objects. So that the kids are easy to remember the objects that they learned. For example, if you teach about fruits, you have to prepare some real fruits. Then you have to arrange the fruit in front of them, choose fruits that have different colors. It makes children easily remember the fruits based on different colors.

After introducing the fruits one by one, you can tell them to touch the fruits directly while playing guessing game. You can also introduce colors to children with this method. Children’s memories will be stronger if combined with color, especially while playing. The questions that you can ask such as :
“Which one is banana?”
“Which one is a carrot?”
“Which one is green?”

Thus a discussion about how to teach kids with a fun way that you can apply. You can also combine the methods above into one. For example, how to label with flash cards, or touching things with flash cards, and etc. In the beginning, you should not be too hurry in changing the topic, wait until they are completely memorized and understood. The combination of two or three topics are still possible, but if more than that, the child will be confused and bored. Hopefully the article above can help you!