lion king coloring book

“Hurry up Simba, Timon is waiting for us!” Simba has been looking forward to this day for so long. Timon and Pumbaa finally agreed to take him along on their adventure to the Great Waterfall in the mountains. Simba’s dad, Mufasa, finally agreed that he was now old enough to join his friends on this wild journey. But his dad also warned him not to wander off from his friends and to be on the lookout for those naughty hyenas.
As they reach the clearing in the grasslands, Simba can see the majestic mountains staring him right in the face. At the very top is the Great Waterfall where he and his two best friends are certain to have endless hours of fun in the sun. Hakuna Matata.
No worries are exactly the feeling that your little one will have when they begin to colour along with Timon, Pumbaa and Simba.

lion king coloring book

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