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Nov 5, 2017
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little mermaid coloring page

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“Oh Sebastian, please tell me again what life is like above the water.”
“No Princess, your father’s instructions were very clear. You are not allowed to ponder over that world any longer. It is simply too dangerous. Besides, everything you can possibly hope and dream of is right here under the sea.”
Aerial has been dreaming of the world above the waves ever since she was a little mermaid. Life under the sea is wonderful, but she can’t help but feel that something is waiting for her on the horizon. What adventure is out there? How will she ever convince her father that she is old enough to journey to the top?
With Sebastian always keeping an eye on her, Aerial and Flounder will have to find a way to trick Sebastian and journey on their own to where the land touches the sea.
Help colour in Aerial’s underwater adventures and learn what new ones await this curious little mermaid.
little mermaid coloring page

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