Max And Ruby Halloween Costumes For Kids

Today is a very special day. Ruby is going to show her little brother Max how to bake grandma’s favourite dessert: chocolate chip cookies. Grandma hasn’t been feeling well so Ruby decided that cookies will be the perfect gift to brighten up her day.

“No Max, we can’t use your toy robot to stir the batter. Here is a wooden spoon.”

Max is so excited that he can help his big sister Ruby do something so special for their Grandma. He knows that these cookies will cheer grandma up and help her to get better soon.

“Good job Max, this batter looks perfect. Now let me call mommy to help us put them in the oven.”
Max and Ruby can’t wait to see the smile on their grandma’s face when they surprise her with this yummy gift.
Dress your little ones up as the adorable bunny siblings Max and Ruby and see how they have endless hours of fun.

Max And Ruby Halloween Costumes For Kids

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