minnie mouse coloring pages free

Minnie Mouse is in a great big hurry today. There is no time to waste. She has to get to the boutique and finish all the outfits before tonight.
The Clubhouse is hosting a super fun surprise party for Mickey Mouse, and Minnie volunteered to make fun costumes for everyone one to wear. There is still so much to do! Daisy needs a bow at the back of her dress; Goofy’s cowboy suit is not nearly done, and Donald Duck’s hat is still missing all its feathers!

“Minnie, are you in there? It’s Mickey.”
What? Is Mickey at the door?
Minnie tries hard to keep a straight face as she opens the door.
“Hi there Mickey, what a pleasant surprise. Please come in.”

Oh dear, how is Minnie going to get to the boutique on time to finish all her friend’s outfits before the party starts? And how will she get Mickey to leave without spoiling the surprise?
Grab your crayons and colour along with Minnie Mouse to see how her day turns out.

minnie mouse coloring pages free

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