Peppa Pig Colouring Pages

Outside the house, everything is covered in a thick blanket of snow. Inside, Peppa and George are just starting to wake up.

“Come on George, let’s go wake mommy and daddy!”

Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig are still fast asleep when Peppa and George come running into their room and jumping on the bed.

“Wake up sleepy heads, it’s a brand new day! And it snowed last night!! Mommy, can we go outside and build a snowman?”

“Yes, we can Peppa, but not right now. Let’s first make some breakfast. Why don’t you and George come and help me in the kitchen?”

Peppa and George help Mommy pig make delicious pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast.

“Is my tummy right? Is it time for yummy pancakes?” asks Daddy Pig.

“Silly Daddy Pig, your tummy is always hungry” laughs Peppa.

The piggies enjoy a yummy breakfast, and then they all help mommy Pig tidy up the kitchen. Finally, when all the chores are done, the get dressed and head outside for a fun-filled day playing in the snow.

Keep your little ones entertained this winter with fun Peppa Pig Colouring Pages