precious moments coloring pages free

It is Sunday afternoon. You and the family have just finished enjoying a home-cooked meal. Your little one runs to you and gives you a big kiss on the cheek. “Mommy I love you.”

After enjoying a nice long walk with your best friend by your side, you both take a seat under a nice shady tree. The wind is blowing gently through your hair, and you can hear the distant song of a baby bluebird. A perfect morning spent with a loved one.

As you sit on the beach and watch the sun change colours in the distance, you see your husband running after your little one, making tiny ripples in the water as they go. Their giggles fill the afternoon air and you realise how many blessings fill your life.

Whatever the precious moment, make sure that you appreciate them. For it’s the small precious moments that turn into the big unforgettable memories.

precious moments coloring pages free

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