spiderman outlines

It was another gloomy night in New York City. From a distance, one could hear police sirens as they howl through the night. Around dark corners criminals were lurking, ready to prey on unsuspecting victims.

Who would be on the lookout for these innocent folk? There weren’t nearly enough police officers to protect everyone in this great big city. They needed a superhero who would be on their side.

And this is exactly what they got. For at night, when most of us were sound asleep, and bad guys were up to no good, there was one person who would stand watch. And his name was Spiderman. A superhero with extraordinary speed and agility, and a strong desire to protect the inhabitants of this vibrant city.

Help Spiderman by colouring in these exciting pictures, and who knows, you just might end up being a superhero yourself.

spiderman outlines

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