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Apr 11, 2019
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Strategy to make kids like to read books

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Teaching kids to love reading is not easy thing, parents must have extra patience when teaching reading. Especially if your kids are kind of hyperactive kids will certainly need more energy and patience, because parents must play an active role. If parents do not have patience, it certainly can damage their mood and it will make them do not want to study anymore. Every parent certainly hopes that their kids will be able to read and fluently at an early age. Besides that, it will benefit the kids such as accepted into a favorite school. It is because almost of favorite schools require the students to be able to read. So, here’s the strategy to make kids like to read books :

Kids love reading

1. Start by introducing letters

As a first step, parents can introduce the letters of the alphabet to the small and ask the kids to pronounce the letters after we say them. Teach the letters of the alphabet A to Z and they do not need to memorize everything at once. They can memorize memorize 5 letters only on each day. After your kids understands the alphabet, then they will learn to recite and find out so that they can proceed to vowels and consonants. Give examples and teach your kids how to recite. It does not need to hurry so that your kids does not feel bored and feel depressed. After training your kids to say some words, you should choose words that are easier to remember and commonly used in everyday conversation.

2. Learn to spell with songs

To teach reading with songs is also one of effective method that can be used by parents to prevent kids from boredom. In addition, learning to read with kids’s songs will be easier to remember and if necessary, change the lyrics of the song to attract attention. If kids show a sense of boredom, do not forced them, and let your little one play or do things they like. In teaching kids, extra patience are needed and the important thing is parents should not give up and keep teach them for their future. If we can follow the little one’s mood, they will like to read everyday.

3. Learning to read every day

Parents must set time to teach kids to read a book every day. You can start the learning process with light reading, easy and fun books. Learning process that is too long will make them get bored. So, you just need to teach them about 15 minutes on each day. Building the mood of a kids you can use such as a pictorial story, then gradually continue with more complex reading. Because as we all know that every kids would love when reading a book that tells a picture to attract the attention of kids. When the kids is able to complete the task of reading, give praise to the kids so that the kids is more enthusiastic in learning to read more smoothly.

These are tips and ways for kids to read at an early age and want to be motivated to study hard on a regular basis every day. As you know, kids are increasingly rare for reading books, even though this is very useful for them. That way, you must diligently to apply the methods so that kids prefer reading rather than playing games. Hopefully the article above is useful.

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