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Apr 8, 2019
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Teaching manners for kids with fun

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Childhood is a time when there is only pleasure for children, but not for their parents. At this stage, parents are in a wrong position. How come? In this stage children always absorb what they see and hear from their surroundings. Not only that, they also like to imitate it and make it a habit. This is certainly dangerous if parents are not careful in teaching manners.

The first thing parents must teach is teaching manners for their children. This certainly avoids the negative things they hear accidentally from their environment. If you have teaching manners for them, of course you don’t need to worry anymore. Well, for those of you who don’t know about how to make them learn manners, here’s the steps:

Teaching manners for kids with fun

1. Being their role model

As you already know, children like to imitate the surrounding habits and most often around them are of course parents. So from that, you are the most influential role mode in teaching manners for children. So with the way you exemplify good manners, it won’t automatically emulate it.
Examples of simple and fun teaching manners are after you ask for help from a child, don’t forget to say thank you. Although it’s only a trivial thing like picking things up or closing doors. This has a big impact on the growth and development of the child in the future. The child will apply the ‘thank you’ whenever they have finished asking others for help.

Not only thank you, the words “please” when you want to ask for help, you must first demonstrate. This is useful if the child has socialized later. You also need the teaching manners to say ‘sorry’ when making a mistake. Of course you have to do it first, if you say wrong “sorry” to the child. Even though your position is as a parent, there is no harm in apologizing because the child will imitate it.

2. Watching a movie that has a moral message

The next teaching manners are by inviting children to watch films that have a moral message about manners. Usually films that have moral messages are found in animated films for children. You can download several cartoons that have messages to respect parents and peers. That way, children will learn about manners in a fun way. You also have to teach them patiently because children need repetitions several times before they actually apply.

Thus a discussion about teaching manners for kids with a fun way that you can apply. Even though the child is not obedient and still does not apply what you have taught, just leave it first. Repeat again by modeling yourself first with the child about the right attitude. After that, the child must follow it by itself. Hopefully the article above can help you.

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