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Apr 18, 2019
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Technique to teach reading for kids

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Reading is one of the things that is difficult to teach to kids. Because they still prefer games to something serious like learning. Indeed, few of kidsren are already diligent in learning. However, most kids do not like learning because according to them it’s a boring thing. While teaching reading must be taught immediately because it is needed in the future.

All you need to remember, actually kids are smart and easy to absorb all the information they receive. It depends on how you just convey it. If you use the techniques they like in teaching reading, surely they will want to study with you. Well, here is a collection of techniques to teach reading for kids.

Technique to teach reading for kids

1. By singing

The first technique for teaching reading for kids is combining two activities into one, reading and singing. Reading by singing a song will make kids having fun. Because basically kids really like singing, so that this technique will be successfully applied. You only need to find the right song for your child’s reading practice.

The basic thing that kids must understand before teaching reading is the alphabet. So, start with songs that teach about memorizing the alphabet. After you find the most interesting song, play the song several times. Invite them to sing with you by telling them to mimic their voice. Repeat it until kids memorizes the song and the alphabet.

2. Using flash card

The second technique for teaching reading for kids is using flash cards as a media to attract kid’s attention. Choose some interesting flash cards and also have striking colors so that kids easily memorize. You can teach them to read by showing flash cards that have been selected one by one. Read slowly while showing it to kids and ask them to imitate you.

The next step to teach reading is randomizing the flash card and asking kids to guess what it is. In that way, kids will feel playing rather than learning. You can also add as much child’s vocabulary as possible. Of course, it must be accompanied by the basic alphabet letters that must be memorized first.

3. Using reading carpet

The third technique to teach reading for kids is using reading carpet to teach the alphabet to kids. Now, there are many reading carpt that are educative and also very interesting with funny pictures. It will attract the attention of the kids and you can easily introduce the alphabet letters to them. While playing on the reading carpet, you can play guesswork with kids. That way, kids will easily memorize various alphabets from A to Z.

Thus the discussion about several techniques to teach reading that you can applied for kids. You can change the technique several days so that kids is not easily bored. If kids are getting bored, you should stop teaching them and let them rest first. It will make kids more free and not feel like they are being demanded to learn. I hope this article will helps you!

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