tinkerbell coloring pictures

It’s a lovely spring morning here in Pixie Hollow. All the fairies have been up at the crack of dawn to get everything ready in time. For today queen Clarion and Lord Milori are getting married.

Everything has to be absolutely perfect for the royal wedding as this will not only symbolize the joint union between the spring and winter fairies, but it will also be a new start to all life in Pixie Hollow.

As always Tinkerbell has some wonderful ideas that will make the decorations sparkle even more. She wants to invent the special machine that will automatically spray fairy dust on the wedding party as they enter the pixie hollow grand ballroom.

Silvermist and Fawn promised Tinkerbell that they would help her set up the new invention, but they are slightly concerned that things might not go according to plan.

When your little ones colour with Tink and her friends they’re swept away to a magical place filled with faith, trust and pixie dust.

tinkerbell coloring pictures

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