Top 10 Deadliest Roads In The World That Will Make You Feel Not To Drive On!

Roads are built for the better transportation in all countries. They are the lifeline of people in many places and are basic infrastructure that play a major role in a country’s economic development. Roads connect villages to towns and cities to other countries. Some roads look normal and safe to drive while some might give you shiver just at sight and they look really a way of hell. Here are the pictures of some deadliest roads that they are known for being most scariest and dangerous roads in the world. Take a look:

1. The Roads of Himalaya, India:

The roads of Himalaya Mountains range can scare even the courageous professional drivers sometimes.

2. China’s Guoliang Tunnel Road:

You can get your heart fail on this dangeerous road.

3. Alaska’s The James Dalton Highway:

This road remains covered with snow throughout the year.

4. Philippines’ Halsema Highway:

One of the most dangerous road, spans 150 kilometers between the towns of Baguio and Bontoc.

5. Bolivia’s North Yungus Road

Bolivians call this road the “Road of Death”.

6. New Zealand’s Skippers Canyon Road:

You can only drive through this road after getting the special permission.

7.Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge Road:

Sharp turns and blind curves make this road deadly.

8. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway:

Its rocky area have a dangerous reputation.

9. Amalfi Coast Road, Italy:

beautiful, untrustworthy and absurdly dangerous

10. Keylong-Kishtwar Road India:

Terrifying high mountain trail, with a length of 234 km.