transformers coloring pages

The Transformer film series began in 2007 and the final spin-off movie is scheduled for release this year. Applauded for its visual effects and action sequences, it didn’t take long for many of us to become fans of these action-packed sci-fi films.

Young fans especially felt fascinated by the Autobots and all that they were capable of doing. Playdates quickly turned into re-enactments of the movie with “Optimus Prime” and “Bumbelbee” fighting against all evil. Mothers of little boys quickly became bombarded with requests for Transformers birthday parties and toy figurines.

And so the industry quickly grew to the 11th highest-grossing film series worldwide!

Even up to today the young transformer fans remain loyal and eagerly await the release of a new film sequel. Stop the waiting today. Transform your young man into the superhero that he deserves to be, and have hours of fun colouring in with Bumbelbee and all the other Autobots.

transformers coloring pages

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