Twilight Halloween Costumes For Kids

As Twilight Sparkle walks towards the library, she is greeted by one of her best friends Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie looks very worried.

“I’ve lost my library card Twilight, now I won’t be able to read any books at the library.”

As poor Pinkie Pie starts to cry, Twilight reassuringly begins to comfort her.

“Please don’t cry my dear friend, I will help find your library card. I won’t stop looking for it until I have returned it to you.”

The two ponies begin their search for the missing library card by retracing Pinkie Pie’s steps. On their way, they meet up with Rainbow Dash and Rarity, who also vows to help find the missing library card. Finally, after a long day of searching high and low, the ponies find the library card inside the last book that Pinkie Pie read. Pinkie Pie feels rather silly for worrying her friends, but she is so very grateful to have them by her side.

Why don’t you dress your little girl in a wonderful Twilight Sparkle costume and let her and her friends start their own exciting journey?

Twilight Halloween Costumes For Kids

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