Wolf Colouring Pages

Little Scamp shares his pen with his two older brothers, his sister and his mommy and daddy. Tonight he is having some difficulty falling asleep. You see, his three older siblings are going on a trip to the jungle on the other side of the mountain to hunt for food for the family. Daddy will lead them on their excursion, while mommy will stay at the pen and keep an eye on Scamp.

Oh, how he wishes that he can join his siblings on their trip tomorrow. He just knows that he will also be able to catch something for dinner. He is very fast after all. But mommy and daddy keep on telling him that he is too young and fragile to go along on this particular trip.
“Hush now Scamp, time to sleep my little one.”

Will Scamp listen to mommy and daddy and stay at home tomorrow? Or will he sneak away during the night to try and hunt on his own?

Let your little one colour in with the wolf gang and see how their imaginations run wild.

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